Cruikshank Barely

Nosferatu Vagrant from the early Victorian times.


Cruickshank Barely was originally a vagrant in the early years of Victorian age. He was actually embraced by Frisk at Cruikshank’s own request, making him the only person Frisk has “killed” in the last three centuries. How this came about was that Barely was a struggling beggar, he suffered from depression and alcoholism but was not otherwise disfigured or lamed. At the time Frisk was also masquerading as a beggar and his hideous features ensured that he was able to make a relatively good living. Barely and Frisk became friends and Cruickshank pressed him daily for how he managed to make such a good living, while Frisk assured him that he would not like the method.

Frisk did attempt to help Barely but honestly Barely was his own worst enemy, and eventually drank himself into Liver failure. Slowly turning yellow from the disease he bemoaned his fate and begged Frisk for his secret so that at least his last few weeks would be more comfortable.

Instead Frisk saved him from the death that stalked him, and also transformed him

Cruikshank Barely

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