Javier Drummond

Erudite and scheming but worried about the rise of the Sabbat in Slough


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Prince Drummond is why the Ventrue of Oxford have not sought to expand their Feif towards Reading, as so long as it lies in the hand of one of their clan, it is their ally. He is almost always seen with his blood bonded seer Lisbeth Charrill

Drummond is erudite and likable, more than capable of talking himself out of any issue that may come up and skilled at manipulating the strings of politics around him. He’s pretty powerful in his own right, but also makes great use of Lisbeth’s rumoured prescient visions and has done, since arriving in Reading from London as a neonate in the 1600s.

Fleeing London in the wake of the Great Fire, Drummond had been embraced by member of his coffee house crowd, but his sire did not survive his haven catching fire. In fact a large portion of the older vampires in London lost their lives during what is still known as the Conflagration, some who survive even style themselves as Anteconflagrationists in mockery of the myth of the Antedeluvians. Once in Reading he met Lisbeth, who as a damaged individual he was able to persuade her to become blood bound to him.

The previous Ventrue Prince Sir Frederick De Bellis was maneuvered into launching an ill fated attack on the then Tremere held Oxford. He wiped the Tremere out, but didn’t do a good job of covering his tracks and was forcibly “removed”. It turned out that Drummond had been instrumental in reporting De Bellis duplicity to those higher up the Camarilla and so was made Prince over some of the other older more established Kindred. This engendered some anger in some of the older kindred, particularly Jeanette Maidenpool (a Gangrel), and the now deceased Lady Eleanor Tripp (a ventrue).

His Domain is obviously all of Reading, although his main residence is a large mansion out near the Tokers Green end of Caversham.

Javier Drummond

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