Sir Gregory Frisk

The Nosferatu Elder, spymaster to the Prince


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Drummonds spy master, Sir Gregory Frisk was embraced as revenge on him by one of his tenants in the 1500’s. The woman who was tired of his habit of forcing himself on her in lieu of her rent, approached the vampire known as the Crone a nosferatu (and childe of Andronicus). She asked the creature to punish him, although she expected it to kill him, but the Crone seeing that Frisk was proud of his looks decided to embrace him instead damning him to an eternity of ugliness. For a while he attempted to keep his holdings and his new state a secret, and even managed to hold onto his lands for some months. However the disappearances and the rumours of his new satanic visage caused the local Priest to denounce him and a mob descended on his manor intent on burning him at the stake.

Frisk escaped with his life only barely, and fled to Reading hiding himself in the larger town. There he posed as a disfigured beggar, and learned humility and control as he did so. It also allowed him time to build a web of information gathering and knowledge. Despite his start in life Frisk is now an exceedingly polite and humane individual. He tries where possible not to allow humans to see him, using his abilities to keep them from seeing his face.

Frisk did not get involved in De Bellis’ attempted coup of Oxford, however he did pass a considerable amount of information to pretty much every side involved in the action. This garnered him some measure of thanks from the higher ups of the Camarilla.

He stays exceedingly well informed about Readings night life, partially through human and animal informants, but also due to the fact that whenever anyone goes to him for information he gives a considerable “discount” if paid in information rather than more tangible goods. This discount is especially lucrative if he is offered information he did not already know.

He is actually quite friendly with Jeanette, but does not like her keeper Prudence (the dislike is mutual). The friendship with Jeanette stems from back in De Bellis’ time before Jeanette began her slide into bestiality. Frisk still hopes that he can draw his friend away from the Beast, but fears that she may already be too far gone. However he and she do get on very well. Prudence however looks upon Frisk as proof of the fallen nature of Kindred, and is revolted by his looks. He isn’t keen on McCullough as he knows that the Brujah is hoping to achieve something in Reading and considers his tactics overly brutal and worries that if McCullough does take over he may be gotten rid of.

His preferred Haven is a tomb in the Cemetery Junction cemetery.

Sir Gregory Frisk

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